Sarah Waller Morrill

I am a digital marketer who helps startups and nonprofits grow sustainably through paid media and cohesive digital strategy.



Paid Media

Finding success on paid advertising in a world of gurus can feel impossible. I am transparent, experienced and ready for the next age of media buying.

Content and Grants

Psttt... are you a nonprofit? During COVID, I will help you with grants and content pro bono. Reach out below.


Sometimes all you need is just the right advice about ecommerce growth or sustaining your business. I can give you that.

About Me

I started my career in direct-response nonprofit work, which is a super fancy way to say I created email and media campaigns to drive donations to places like the American Kidney Fund and National Park Foundation. 

The true impact could be seen in the numbers, and it fascinated me. Before long, I found myself applying the same grit and resource-hoarding ways to the ecommerce startup world. Managing Facebook account budgets from $10k to $500k+ per month I learned the spectrum of media buying. 

But I still couldn’t make the lasting impact I desired with a single-channel effort. I found myself leading the Sheets & Giggles team’s marketing across all channels while juggling brand voice and growth strategies. We saw a 240% increase year over year since I started… despite an international pandemic.

In my non-work shoes, I am an animal lover and environmental nut. I spend my spare time rescuing animals and learning how to live a more compassionate life. 

Wanna jam about growing your business and how I can help you?


Skills you can trust

Sarah is our secret weapon. From strategic thinking to making sure the trains are running on time, Sarah is a powerhouse we are thrilled to be working with for over a year now. She is detail-oriented, curious and communicative, and she has a bright future ahead of her.
Josh Kaplan
Past Client
$ 1 M+
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Questions? I have answers

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s so many marketing tactics that the growth marketers use to scale larger businesses that still apply to small businesses. 

I can help set up your accounts to find repeatable success at a small budget.

Friend, I got you. I can audit, restructure or build campaigns for success. Plus, help you with any reporting you may need for your round. 

Oh yes. This is a difficult time for everyone, and we all need to pitch in. 

I can help where ever you need me: Organic social, Google Grant media buying, content writing and grant writing.

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